Welcome To MeetB

Unity Makes Strength

Meet Valuable People and Potential Business Connections through MeetB Circles

Feature 01

The Platform

MeetB is a Networking platform that introduces you to new business opportunities and valuable people. Video conferencing with different people each time will allow you to gain access to a large number of potential partners.

Feature 02

The Circles

At MeetB, our members are part of circles. Each circles has its own meeting and program. These circles can be created depending on location, interests, expertise or affiliation...

Feature 03

The Meetings Sessions

Each circle has its own recurring session in small groups of 10 people. After each meeting you will have the opportunity to get information contact details of the people you met and give your opinion about the relevance of the meeting.

Feature 04

The Network

We enhance your network and enable exchange of ideas and knowledge between members

Feature 05

The Integrity

To ensure the circles integrity, MeetB follow a referral policy, to integrate a circle people need to be referred by a current member. Without references candidates can apply to a waiting list.

Feature 06

Our AI

Our AI will take into consideration your previous meeting, your reviews, your interests and expertise to provide you with the best matches possible for future meetings.