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 How it works

With MeetB,
Everything is simple


Circles of influence that share your interests with people you are interested in professionally.


A meeting by choosing a videoconference of your choice at a time that suits you.


Potential future business partners via videoconference for 50 minutes. Find out which professionals are most likely to interact and keep in touch with you.


Why MeetB?

At MeetB, we know that a networking event can be complex. Trying to find potential partners at endless events with hundreds of people to meet and not enough time to do so can be a real ordeal. Networking deserves to become simpler and more efficient.

That's why MeetB offers you the solution:
Meet your potential future business partners for 50 minutes by video conference from your computer, tablet or phone, according to your criteria and interests.

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Keep in touch with the professionals you meet  and turn them into Partners

At MeetB, we know that the first meeting between professionals is as decisive as keeping in touch. To help you build a lasting relationship after this first exchange, you will have access to the contact details of the people you meet, thus facilitating the continuity of your future exchanges.

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